Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Col Joye Sings Songs That Rocked The Stadium. (LP Cover in Detail)

What a great find! "Col Joye Sings Songs That Rocked The Stadium"  The Stadium was the hub of Australian and overseas music legends of the 50's. Sydneysiders will remember most  of these tracks; 

Pretty Girls Everywhere, • Dreamy Eyes, • The Wonder Of You, • Half As Much, • Lover Doll, • Oh Yeah Uh Huh, • The Bluebird, The Buzzard and The Oriole, • Rockin' Rollin" Clementine, • Say Momma, • Rocky Road Blues, • Living Doll, • Trouble

Very rare VINYL LP Record

"Col Joye has hit Australia with an impact equalled by only a few world famous artists.
The group started with Col Joye, Guitar and vocal: Kevin Jacobsen piano: John Bogie, drums. They played at parties, weddings, etc. and Col always brought the house down with a song.
Col was working at a jewellery warehouse at the time a young fellow staff. His name was Dave Bridge, and he’d been playing guitar since his ninth birthday. Col decided to build the group up, so Dave joined, and then Laurie Erwin was added. Laurie played tenor sax. Next came a bass player Kevin Jacobsen.
This was a fairly big group, so they had to get big jobs. They auditioned for a job in one of Sydney’s biggest hotel lounges and landed it. After two weeks in the lounge, the public were queueing up before opening time to get in.
An Australian promoter heard of this and offered Col a spot on a show packed withAustralian and well known artists. Col and his group left the Hotel lounge for better things. Col recalls the lounge manager telling him he was a “dreamer”when said he said he was going to make records and perform.
In the Tv world, col has emerged as a  unique personality, his appearances resulting in a flood of fan mail that was previously unheard of .
Col has literally stunned the public with his electrifyng performances Sydney Stadium, The mecca of entertainment in Australia, and since touring with Lee Gordon, he has proved to be world class.
The songs presented in this album, represent Col Joye’s greatest Stadium successes. Each one has ‘brought the house down” and the stadium has been shaken by tumultuous applause that has greeted Col’s performances

This album has been produced to remind you of “The Songs That Rocked The Stadium”
I know I'll enjoy this album. There's some songs that I remember, that will no doubt bring back a flood of good memories and feelings and others that are new to me.
This is a real collector's piece.

The covers are presented here in high resolution so that photographs are clear and copy is legible. If you wish to download these images FREE, a link is provided beneath each image.

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