Digger Revell

Sydney band The Denvermen was one of the premier Australian surf-instrumental groups of the early 1960s and although they have been somewhat overshadowed by their better-known contemporaries The Atlantics, they certainly deserve more recognition. 

The original lineup was formed in late 1961, by members of two earlier Sydney groups, Digger Revell and the Lonely Ones and Paul Dever and the Denvermen. 

Denvermen guitarist Les Green brought the Denvermen name with him when that group split and he joined Digger Revell. 

The group began by organising its own dances but gained national prominence thanks to appearances on the ABC's pioneering rock'n'roll TV show Six O'Clock Rock hosted by Johnny O'Keefe.

In 2012, Digger appeared in Windsor with Luck Starr and Johnny Devlin...

"Three living legends, in concert: Digger Revell, Lucky Starr and Johnny Devlin... our originals who pioneered our music history! Who can ever forget Bandstand, Six O'Clock Rock, The Sydney Stadium, The JO'K Show, Top Forty Hits Galore, It's Been a Long Way to the Top? Celebrating with you their 50th anniversary Australia's greatest rock 'n' roll show... audiences will be shouting for more! Our original pioneers! We should never forget their enormous contribution to the Australian music industry".

And...it was reported on an ABC website that digger was singing on Australia All Over in 2012.

Australian rock icon Digger Revell sings during a special broadcast of Australia All Over to mark the 80th anniversary of the ABC on July 1, 2012.

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