Digby Richards

I love to re-create or "re-master" the album covers from early Australian pop music At a time when Elvis was finding his feet in the USA, Australia music stars were finding theirs, but their success was unknown worldwide. Their album covers are disappearing from view. to bring them back to life is my passion. 
The first of these is Digby Richards.
Details about this star are well documented in Wikipedia, so rather than go into his bio in detail, I'll use my talents to create a high resolution album cover (picture below).

The story is taken verbatim from the back of the original album, and is in itself full of nostalgia:

Rare Vinyl

Tall, slim, good looking Dig Richards has had a phenomenal rise to success. Dig Rocketed to fame overnight with his smash selling version a tune written by his young brother Doug, “ I Wanna Love You” and quickly followed up with “I’m through”, also composed by Doug Richards and a big-selling revival ”You Are My Sunshine”.

At the peak of his popularity, fate almost brought an end to Dig’s brilliant career when he was involved in a spectacular car smash on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Newspapers headlined the story throughout the country and many experts forecast that the Dig Richards “Star” had set and that 

Dig would never regain the position he had held prior to the accident. In the midst of all this conjecture, Dig’s record company issued the first 12” LP of an Australian artist in this country, and the results were amazing. Letters poured in from countless fans throughout the country and Richards, even whilst he was in hospital, became more popular than ever.

Currently, Dig has a smash selling record throughout Australian his big beat revival of “Annie Laurie”,Dig’s first release for Rex Records. Further distinction has com his way with an invitation from the ABC to compere the nationally famous “Six O’Clock Rock” show on Channel 2 in the absence of Johnny O’Keefe. Johnny is on promtional tour of America plugging his first American release, She’s My Baby.

Rex Records now invite you to hear Dig in four great revivals, any of which could break out as a big hit in the singles market. Digs Present popularity and this record establishes once and for all that Dig is back and this time to stay.

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