Booka Hyland

"My mates called me Booka and it stuck".

John Hyland began his career in 1956, entering talent quests in local pubs. Six years later he became lead singer for the Leedons who of course the became Booka Hyland and The Leedons. Then 4 years as lead singer for The Chessmen. 

After the dances he was working for "Lousy Les's" at Sans Souci where Warren Williams and The Crescents heard him performing in the beer garden. They liked Booka, and kept coming back week after week, eventually persuading him to meet with Johnny O'Keefe".

O'Keefe wanted Booka for 6 'Clock Rock, and persuaded him to continue to use the name "Booka".

Booka Hyland appeared on Six O'Clock Rock, Bandstand, Teentime and Rockville Junction, singing songs that included "I Dig Girls", "Is It Me?" "Sweet Thing", "The Right Time", "Transistor" and "We've got Something Going".