Dinah Lee

Dinah Lee is the stage name of New Zealand-born singer, Diane Marie Jacobs (born 19 August 1946), who performed 1960s pop and then adult contemporary music. Her debut single from early 1964, "Don't You Know Yockomo?", achieved No. 1 chart success in New Zealand and, across the Tasman Sea, in Brisbane and Melbourne. It was followed in September by her cover of Jackie Wilson's, "Reet Petite", which also reached No. 1 in New Zealand and peaked at No. 6 in Melbourne. The Australian release was a double A-sided single with "Do the Blue Beat". On her early singles she was backed by fellow New Zealanders, Max Merrit & The Meteors

Dinah appeared regularly on both New Zealand and Australian television variety programs, including Sing, Sing, Sing and Bandstand. She toured supporting Johnny O'Keefe, Ray Columbus & the Invaders and P.J. Proby. According to Australian rock music journalist, Ed Nimmervoll, in the 1960s, "Lee was the most successful female singer of in [sic] both her New Zealand homeland and Australia ... on stage and on record Dinah had all the adventure and exuberance for the time the boys had".

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Cathedral Square was written for Dinah Lee, recorded and mixed in Sydney in February this year, and released in May. Written by Jordan Luck, the smooth instrumentals complement Dinah's unmistakeable vocals wonderfully.

"I found you in Cathedral Square". The lyrics speak of optimism, a love story, and an emotional rescue;  

The song is arranged in three versions for this CD; 1) full instrumental, 2) stripped and 3) acoustic. Each version pulls you deeper into the lyrics and Dinah's voice. 

This is a collectors item. Dinah is adding to a an already full career in popular music with a series of great songs. This one features Harry Brus Bass, Paul Wheeler Drums, Michael McGlynn Keyboards, Sunil de Silva on Percussion with Asli Aplin & Carmen Smith on backup vocals.

Michael McGlynn Acoustic Guitar. Doug Jansen all Electric Guitars and Solos. Produced by TFM in Sydney Australia all content of this Recording owned by Suchow Pty Ltd 2014. Music Published Worldwide by Mushroom Music. Released on IAMAMOD Records August 2014 and iTunes July 2014. Copyright  2014.

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