Sunday, February 15, 2015

Johnny Chester. Alone.

ALONE is such a lonely word
As sad as any word
I have ever heard

ALONE in some ways it's a state of mind
But you'd think that was too unkind
If you were ALONE

ALONE can be standing inside a crowd
People talking right out loud
Still you haven't any doubt
You are ALONE

Doesn't have to mean solitude
It's a soul destroying empty mood
When you feel you're ALONE

And so the lyric goes for what is Johnny Chester's umpteenth recording and the song chosen to kick off his Fifty Fourth year as a recording artist. To try and reduce his career to a few lines is impossible and so this is an invitation to listen closely to a man who has lived the words of his songs and brought them to life in his own uniquely believable style. "Loneliness the debilitating feeling that often cannot be expressed and is often misunderstood". "Loneliness is that feeling of hopelessness and of feeling ALONE". The song is quite a departure for Chess who is known for his positive attitude and for songs that reflect that. He has chosen ALONE because of the damaging effect loneliness can have on people in the hope that the song may help to make people who have not experienced loneliness appreciate the misfortune of those who have.

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