Saturday, October 21, 2017

JOHNNY O'KEEFE "Real Wild Child" (LP Cover In Detail).

Front Cover
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Bill Haley and The Comets
were a huge influence on the rise of a "Real Wild Child"

"Johnny O'Keefe was a young man of music who wrote Show-World" history right across the Commonwealth of Australia" .
It's difficult to describe Johnny's many talents an artist, producer, composer, compere and later Australia's No.1 TV personality.
Just what made Johnny tick and what was the secret of his effervescent success? Johnny's story goes back to the momentous days when Bill Haley introduced Rock and Rollto Australia by his triumphant tour in 1957. In those days Johnny was just another up and going pop artist, but even then, dispensing the kind of music that caused teenagers to attend his dances in droves" source: back cover

1. Rock Time  2. Shake Baby Shake 3. That'll Be Alright 4. I Ain't Gonna Do It  5. Ready For You 6. Don't You Know 7. You Excite Me  8. I'm Still Alive (The Chicken Song) 9. Flip Flop And Fly 10. What'd I Say 11. The Wild One (Real Wild Child) Live  12. Roll Over Beethoven  13. (You Hit The Wrong Note) Billygoat 14. Money Honey 15. Let's Have A Party 16. I'm Moving On          

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Col Joye Sings Songs That Rocked The Stadium. (LP Cover in Detail)

What a great find! "Col Joye Sings Songs That Rocked The Stadium"  The Stadium was the hub of Australian and overseas music legends of the 50's. Sydneysiders will remember most  of these tracks; 

Pretty Girls Everywhere, • Dreamy Eyes, • The Wonder Of You, • Half As Much, • Lover Doll, • Oh Yeah Uh Huh, • The Bluebird, The Buzzard and The Oriole, • Rockin' Rollin" Clementine, • Say Momma, • Rocky Road Blues, • Living Doll, • Trouble

Very rare VINYL LP Record

"Col Joye has hit Australia with an impact equalled by only a few world famous artists.
The group started with Col Joye, Guitar and vocal: Kevin Jacobsen piano: John Bogie, drums. They played at parties, weddings, etc. and Col always brought the house down with a song.
Col was working at a jewellery warehouse at the time a young fellow staff. His name was Dave Bridge, and he’d been playing guitar since his ninth birthday. Col decided to build the group up, so Dave joined, and then Laurie Erwin was added. Laurie played tenor sax. Next came a bass player Kevin Jacobsen.
This was a fairly big group, so they had to get big jobs. They auditioned for a job in one of Sydney’s biggest hotel lounges and landed it. After two weeks in the lounge, the public were queueing up before opening time to get in.
An Australian promoter heard of this and offered Col a spot on a show packed withAustralian and well known artists. Col and his group left the Hotel lounge for better things. Col recalls the lounge manager telling him he was a “dreamer”when said he said he was going to make records and perform.
In the Tv world, col has emerged as a  unique personality, his appearances resulting in a flood of fan mail that was previously unheard of .
Col has literally stunned the public with his electrifyng performances Sydney Stadium, The mecca of entertainment in Australia, and since touring with Lee Gordon, he has proved to be world class.
The songs presented in this album, represent Col Joye’s greatest Stadium successes. Each one has ‘brought the house down” and the stadium has been shaken by tumultuous applause that has greeted Col’s performances

This album has been produced to remind you of “The Songs That Rocked The Stadium”
I know I'll enjoy this album. There's some songs that I remember, that will no doubt bring back a flood of good memories and feelings and others that are new to me.
This is a real collector's piece.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Australia's Elvis Presley, BARRY STANTON. "A Tribute To The King" LP Cover In Detail.

Australia's Elvis Presley,
"A Tribute To The King"

"Barry Stanton stands proud in the history of Australian Rock 'N Roll, alongside legendary names like Johnny O'Keefe, Col Joye, Johnny Devlin and Lonnie Lee. The amazing fact is that he staked a claim with only 8 singles released over 5 years (1960 - 1965).
Like a lot of his fellow performers, it did not earn him the riches he deserved, nor the respect that should have come from the industry" 
- source: back cover

"He's my most remarkable discovery. I think he has enormous potential - potential second to none. And I'm not joking"

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Elvis Presley was an influence on Barry Stanton and many other Australian vocalists of the sixties.
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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ray Brown and The Whispers "Miles Of Hits" (LP Cover In Detail).

Rare Vinyl LP
"Miles Of Hits"

This LP is Volume Seven in a series initiated by Festival Records to enable the re-issue of a wide range of Australia's recorded cultural heritage, much of which has been unavailable for decades. 

Also in this series: Vol 1,  Noeleen Batley, Vol 2, Dig Richards. Vol 3, Rob E.G. Vol 4, Warren Williams. Vol 5, The De Kroo Brothers. Vol 6, Ray Hoff and The Offbeats. Vol 8, Johnny Young and Kompany. Vol 9, Marty Rhone and Soul Agents. Vol 10, Ross D. Wyllie.

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The notation on the back cover is as follows
"Ray Brown and The Whispers became the resident act at Sydney’s Surf City and The Beach House late in 1964, gradually replacing Billie Thorpe and The Aztecs who were following their growing success. On Fridays and Saturday nights, an audience of 2000 was common. The Whispers were established as an instrumental group (The Nocrturnes) and had recorded two singles before Ray Brown joined them. The new Mersey sound inspired the Whispers, like the Aztecs and The Blue Jays to find a vocalist and in Ray Brown they had found a good one.
Signed by manager John Harrigan to The Leedon Label, the group revived Chubby Checker’s “20 Miles” for a debut single in 1965, and immediately became the hottest beat sensation in the land.
Brown’s boyish appeal thrust him alongside Normie Rowe and Stevie Wright and the group became so popular that during a Queensland tour, towns enjoyed a public holiday to celebrate their visit.
“Pride” an obscure Billy J Kramer track became their second number one hit in April 1965, followed by  “Fool fool fool” in July. However it was the flip side, which displayed the group at its’ best.  “Go To Him’, “Pride” and “Ain’t It Strange” feature some of the most exciting and innovative guitar sounds to come out of Australia in the 60’s. Queenslander Al Jackson cleverly used the “tiled” sound of Festival’s two track studio to create a truly remarkable effect under producer Bill Shepherd (later orchestra condutor for the Bee Gees in England). As Ray Brown and The Whispers became more musically adventurous, the hits began to slow. Their fourth release, a fine cover of Wilson Pickett’s “ In The Midnight Hour” (featuring Bob Birtles and Tony Buchanan on brass) hit number two, but from then it was downhill, as far as the charts were concerned. On record it was getting rather interesting. One track “Too Late To Come Home”, featured the Bee Gees on backing vocals, While four tracks on “The Same Old Song” Album were backed by Max Merritt’s Meteors.
Ray and The Whispers, (Pat Jeffrey, John Manners, Laurie Barclay and Al Jackson, displayed consistently good taste in the selection of material, and rarely turned in less than a competent version of the many Rock ’n Roll standardsthey recorded during a studio blitz that resulted in 9 singles, 10 EP’s and 5 albums in a little over 2 years.

The original Whispers split from Ray and re-joined Bobby Thomas. Brown worked with a new “Whispers” led by Ron Peel, who had just departed “The Pleazers”. With no real success, he headed of the USA in 1967 to record an album “Just Ray Brown under producer David Exelrod, which failed to connect with radio or the public. Undeterred Ray resurfaced in 1970 as the leader of a country rock band “Moonstone”, and impressed with the album  “Mad House”. A year later he was fronting “One Ton Gypsy, a rambling Octet which also included Alison McCallum, Graham Lowndes and Laurie Pryor. After a 1973 single on Mushroom, “Steel Guitar / Covered Wagon, Ray slipped from sight though he toured occasionally as Ray Brown and The whispers during the “80’s to strong audience response."

Wilson Pickett was an influence on Ray Brown and many other Australian vocalists of the sixties.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

COL JOYE AND THE JOY BOYS "Rhythm "n" Blues Session" (LP Cover In Detail).

Very rare VINYL LP Record
Col Joye's Rhythm 'n' Blues Session
Just arrived at OzVinyl - Rare OZ Vinyl LP released in 1965 on the Blue & Silver Festival Label. Cat.FL31672. 

This LP is in MONO. Features Col Joye with the Joy Boys and one track as a duet with Judy Stone.

Col Joye's Rhythm & Blues Session
Tracks: Down the line, Can your monkey do the dog, Evil hearted man, Hey baby, Endless sleep, Melbourne city (Kansas city), That's really some good (Col Joye & Judy Stone), School day, I almost lost my mind, My babe, Trouble in mind, Reelin' and Rockin'

Col Joye, recorded this Festival LP package “Rhythm and Blues Session” prior his tour of Japan with his group The Joy Boys. He was touring with other Festival recording stars including Judy Stone. The album which includes “Evil Hearted Man” and “I Almost Lost My Mind” shows Col Joye in a new role. It presents him as a hard-driving R & B singer. Selected songs from the album were presented nationally on the Channel nine network as a Bandstand Spectacular, compered by Brian Henderson.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tina Arena to play Evita at Sydneys Opera House

"Don't Cry For Me Tiny Tina"

"Tiny" Tina Arena, one of Australia's most successful and enduring stars will take on the role of Eva Peron in Evita at the Sydney Opera House in September next year.

Tina, has a string of hit albums and singles and successful tours to her name, and will play the Argentinian political leader in the Andrew Lloyd Webber show.

She appeared as Sally Bowles in Cabaret in Sydney in 2002, and now feels the time is right to tackle the Eva Peron role.

The show follows Peron's life through her political life as the first lady of Argentina to her death at just 33.

The Sydney Opera House season is the only city to be announced so far, however a tour will likely follow as with other Opera Australia musical collaborations with theatrical impresario John Frost.

Tickets for the show go on sale on August 31 through

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Thorpie's musical career started "Under The Bridges Of Paris"

I found these great VINYLS! But please be quick there were not many available when I looked.


"I took my first breathe on March 29th, 1946 in Manchester England, but life really began for me when I heard "Sur la du pont Paris" ("Under the bridges of Paris") on the radio in Blackpool England when I was 3 or 4 years old. Somehow that syrupy, sentimental French love song with its accordions and Mantovanni style strings got inside my 4 year old head and I was hooked. 

From that moment I couldn't get enough of music. Any music. I loved it and it was in 1956 in a tiny church hall on the fringes of Brisbane, Australia, that my own music career got its start. I played my first gig at the age of 10 and within 6 months was performing regularly on local TV and doing gigs.     

- Billy Thorpe
Source: Thorpie's WEBSITE

Billy Thorpe was born in Manchester, England, in 1946. He 
immigrated to Australia with his family when he was nine, and settled in Brisbane, Queensland. By the time he was ten years old, Thorpie was performing on Brisbane television (billed as Little Rock Allen). He toured country areas with singer Reg Lindsay. By the time he was 15, Thorpie had worked in stage shows, variety television, clubs and even vaudeville at Brisbane's Theatre Royal with George Wallace. He also toured with the likes of Johnny O'Keefe and Col Joye. 

In late 1963, as a seasoned 17-year-old, Thorpie moved to Sydney and joined his first band The Aztecs. The original Aztecs line-up comprised Vince Maloney (lead guitar; ex-Vibratones), Val Jones (rhythm guitar), John 'Bluey' Watson (bass; ex-Vibratones) and Col Baigent (drums). Just prior to Thorpie's arrival, The Aztecs had issued a surf instrumental single, 'Smoke and Stack'/'Board Boogie', on the Linda Lee label (January 1964). Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs became a major attraction at promoter John Harrigan's Surf City discotheque.

Source: Thorpie's WEBSITE