Thursday, December 11, 2014

Col Joye says "The Bandstand "family" is still there".

"I still keep in touch with the Bandstand family. I guess I talk to most of them. When I talk about Sandy Scott, Little Pattie and Judy Stone and Brian Henderson, I speak to them probably once or twice a week. It's still a family. That family thing is still there. The entertainment industry is a very strange fraternity. Even though a lot of times you don't see a lot of people for maybe 12 months, I have a group of people that are very close friends". Source: A recent ATN 7 interview.

Col Joye, is an Australian popular entertainer and entrepreneur. Joye was the first Australian rock and roll singer to have a number one record Australia-wide, and experienced a string of chart successes in the early Australian rock and roll scene.

Recording as a solo artist and with his backing band The Joy Boys, which included his brothers Kevin and Keith, he enjoyed a string of hits on the local and national singles charts of Australia beginning in 1959. 

Col's single "Bye Bye Baby", reached No.3 on the Kent Music Report charts in 1959, followed by "Rockin Rollin Clementine" also peaking at No.3, His single, "Oh Yeah Uh Huh", became his most successful, peaking at No.1. He also had other charting singles, including "Yes Sir That's My Baby" peaking at No.5 nationally. 

Col Joye was an original member of Brian Henderson's Bandstand television program, and appeared regularly on this show for fourteen years. He also toured Australia with Judy Stone, Sandy Scott, and Little Pattie. 

In 1973, Col had another hit record, with "Heaven Is My Woman's Love" reaching No. 1 on the Go-Set charts in 1973.

Source: Wikipedia

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