Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wendy Matthews, Listen To One of The Finest Voices Ever.

Wendy Matthews has a sublime, effortless delivery and a voice that never fails to move us. 

She is appearing at Lizottes, Dee Why, NSW on December 13 and Lizotte's Newcastle, NSW,  December 14, 2014.

Wendy Matthews moves gently through her songs. Her music is an unhurried journey of clean melodies, and simple grace.

Wendy proves that beauty, artistry and expert vocalisation is still applauded by her audience. Her performance here with "Amelia" testifies to that.

Wendy Matthew's music is now in more than 1 million homes in Australia - all her albums to date have reached multi-platinum status. 

Wendy captures and defines a diverse range of styles in her music. She takes songs from every genre and makes them her own, from jazz to blues, from rock to gospel, from soul to pop and the beautiful ballads. Simply put, Wendy Matthews has one of the finest voices ever. 

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