Judy Stone

Judy Stone's latest recording was a duet with Irish singer Isla Grant. Judy and Isla sing one of Judy's best songs, "What's a Girl To Do?". This track is available on iTunes. 

A great find for all you Judy Stone fans. or you can purchase here COUNTRY MUSIC

Judy Stone was born Jan 1 1942. She became one Australia's favourite performers during the sixties, appearing regularly on Brian Henderson's Bandstand, and Johnny OKeefe's Six O Clock Rock. Major hits were "4.003,221 Tears from Now", "Born A Woman" (1966) "Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone"(1974), "Mare Mare Mare (1974) "Hasta Manana" (1976) and "Silver Wings and Golden Rings"(1976).

Listen to: "The Trouble with me is you."

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