Saturday, January 24, 2015

160,000 Hits and More!

Australian Music Legends is proud to announce more than 160,000 blog views since it began. Visitors spend time exploring the various pages of information, stories and videos. 

I would love to work with you to produce an advertorial blog about your Band, New CD, or Upcoming Event. You will reach more than 600 people per week, Your post will also appear on our Facebook Page which has an ever increasing following of currently more than 1000 keen Australian music fans.

We have featured New Music releases from:

 Dina Lee, Dave Evans, Maggie Britton, Tina Arena, The Black Sorrows, Donna Greene, Emile Nelson, and Jep and Dep and Swanee and INXS. 



If you are interested in providing content, please get in touch.  or contact Russell Jones through facebook.

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