Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Starfish Bring Christmas to Outback Australia.

Chocolate Starfish certainly rocked the Indian Pacific Christmas train last week, sharing the joy and Christmas spirit with the local communities. 
There are more pics on their site, but here is one of Adam with the Yalata/Oak Valley kids practicing Bring on Christmas Day. 

All proceeds from itunes sales go to Royal Flying Doctor Services.

Chocolate Starfish were acclaimed as simply 'The best live band of their era'. It was the 1990's and the Starfish were very busy. Selling 250,000 records locally and selling out countless tours of the country's biggest venues whilst subverting radio and TV with their many hit songs. 

Led by the charismatic front man and vocalist Adam Thompson, the band is back! Having recently released an acoustic record Born Again Versions the band are now set to perform their new show in a not to be miss intimate setting. With a set list containing all their hit singles and a selection of their favourite covers, Chocolate Starfish are not to be missed! Born Again Versions is a 10 track album & will be available at shows. 

Not often does the word 'beautiful' come to mind when talking Starfish, but these “Born Again Versions” are exactly that! This album offers acoustic renditions of the Chocolate Starfish hits, a captivating album will cast new light on these monumental songs! 

“Born Again Versions” will give you a rich and chocolaty taste of the live show coming up. Relaxed, seductive and steamy, in an intimate-red-hot, setting! Just the way the Starfish like it...

See Chocolate Starfish live at Lizotte's Dee Why Sat 17 January 2015 and Lizotte's Newcastle Sunday 18 January 2015.

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