Monday, November 17, 2014

Australia's 88 year old DJ is offered a further ten year contract and wants more.

In what could be described as a world first, Macquarie Radio Network’s major shareholder John Singleton has negotiated a new 10 year contract with morning DJ Bob Rogers, live on-air.

Although the agreement wasn’t signed in the formal sense of the word - “because we’re both too arthritic" quipped Singleton - (the verbal contract should suffice).

Bob signed his current contract with Radio Station 2CH at the age of 80. He is now 88 and requested  a further 12 year contract to take him to 100 years old. 

"How about 12 years" asked Bob
"No" said Singo "To keep the perception of a youthful radio station, let's stick to 10 years". 

In 1957, Rogers discovered the Slim Dusty song "Pub With No Beer" and was the first DJ in Australia to play the song and catapult it to number one on the charts. He became successful and subsequently presented Australia's first Top 40 show on 2UE from 1958 to 1962.  He was Australia's top radio DJ for the next 8 years.

In 1962 he joined 2SM which jumped to number 1. In 1964 Rogers was chosen to represent 2SM on The Beatles' tour through Europe, Asia and Australia.

Bob talks about The Beatles' Tour

Consequently Rogers became known as "the fifth Beatle". He returned to 2UE and presented his morning radio show with a new format of provocative commentary, gossip and music. His programme became popular amongst interview-hungry artists In 1976, Rogers wrote "Rock And Roll Australia", a book about the birth of the Australian rock industry. 

Due to his overwhelming popularity amongst the audience, Rogers ventured into television. The Bob Rogers Show, a late night TV variety show, ran for five years on the Seven Network.

In 1994 Rogers returned to 2UE to present a Sunday morning show.

In November 1995, Rogers accepted John Singleton's offer and joined Sydney radio station 2CH. On 21 February 2007, according to the Nielsen radio ratings survey, Bob Rogers' Morning show became the fourth most heard radio programme in Sydney. 

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